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Absence - A Madonna from the future
Monica Silva: Absence - A Madonna from the Future Century (manifesto against the war in the world)

At the upcoming  Mia Image Art Fair 2022, Paola Colombari Art Gallery, Booth 12, Hall C

Monica Silva presents ABSENCE at Mia Fair 2022, the first shot of a on going project that will include the reinterpretation of thirty-three Marian images.

The title Absence underlines that war tear us apart, creates emptiness by suppressing affections, destroying daily life, erasing all future prospects.
For this new work, the artist travels through time and brings us an unexpected religious icon from the future, a vision never realized before.
Using the depiction of the Madonna and Child as a figurative image, Monica Silva creates her own synthesis and triggers her provocation:..o.

A photograph that is an exhortation to turn in the mind and heart to respect for life, to bring about a radical change in society based on the search for the common good of peace and prosperity for the entire planet, a human revolution based on interior disarmament. Metamorphosis symbolized by the butterflies on the rays of the crown.

This deep hidden expression, often with extremely painful meanings, is one of the constant traits of Monica Silva's photography works.

Dear friends, if you want to discover my latest work in author photography, come to the 11th edition of Mia Image Art Fair 2022
Superstudio Maxi, Via Moncucco 35, Milan
From April 28th to May 1st
Hours: 11 am - 9 pm valid until April 29, April 30 and May 1 from 11 am to 8 pm
Opening by invitation only on April 27, 5pm - 10pm


Absence - A Madonna from the future


Monica Silva is an Italian photographer who specialises in psychology portraiture. She is based in Milan, Italy and is available for assignments.
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