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Di Stefano Boschi Museum documentary
monica silva
May 20, 2020
Location: Milan, italy
“Boschi Di Stefano House Museum: the space of dreams”.

In April 2019 I have been invited to do a work about Giorgio De Chirico’ “School of the Gladiators”.  My photograph is a tribute to that famous painting with a new and personal perspective, which I entitled “Ode to the Silence”.

In December 2019, Maria Fratelli, who is the Boschi Di Stefano museum director, presented officially the project called ‘substitutions’. The aim of the project is to engage new artists to reinterpret some of their famous  masterpieces part of the couple’s Boschi Di Stefano huge collection donated to Milan municipality in 1983.

It’s been at least 20 years they haven’t added new pieces in the museum’s  collection and so now they are building a contemporary section and I am proud to be part of it.
Mrs Fratelli decided to commission a documentary  showing the work they are doing for the museum and so the movie director Andrea Bersani, one of the most  talented  in Italy,  produced a beautiful short movie called Boschi Di Stefano: The space of Dreams.

Soon I’ll give you more infos to where and when to watch it, meanwhile here are the credits and all the participants who begun it all.

Thanks and stay tuned for the upcoming news.

With Maria Fratelli, Guido Buganza, Monica Silva, Maria Morganti, Pilar Dominguez, Francesco Mendini, Paola  Mattioli e Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano
Writer and Director Andrea Bersani
Producer Claudia Di Lascia
Post-production Michele Bizzi
Poster Picture, credit by Matteo Pirovano
In collaboration with Comune di Milano

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Monica Silva is an Italian photographer who specialises in psychology portraiture. She is based in Milan, Italy and is available for assignments.
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