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Inside Brazil Contemporary art Design Week
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monica silva
Mar 19, 2017
INSIDE BRAZIL Design Week 2017 
April 4th to 9th Statale of Milano 
I am happy to announce one more step ahead of the Inside Brazil contemporary art  exhibition in which I am taking part with my photography.

INSIDE BRAZIL, with the cultural patronage of the Brazilian Embassy, arrives in Milan with Branco (painter), Luiz Martins (sculptor), Christian Cravo (reportage photographer), Cesar Meneghetti (video art) and Monica Silva (stage photographer) are the contemporary artists engaged to show their works at the upcoming Milan Design Week.
The event will take place in the prestigious gardens and spaces of the Statale University where every year, for the design week, it becomes one of the most visited events  in town.
Please share your love and come to visit us if you happen to be in Milan for the happening!


Monica Silva is an Italian photographer who specialises in psychology portraiture. She is based in Milan, Italy and is available for assignments.
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